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Bulgarian Rose Footed Candle

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With so many candles on the market, what makes this one so special?

Well for starters it is incased in the most beautiful vintage styled glassware. So when you burn through your candle you are left to resuse the glassware to either use as a jewelry holder or you could use the taller styles as vases for flowers. 

These candles are also 100% Australian Made, they are 100% Soy wax and free from any nasty parafin wax. 
They are Hnadmade, hand poured and a re sustainably farmed, eco friendly, Vegan safe and no animal testing.

A warm, floral & elegant fragrance with honey notes. Traditonally from the middle east, Bulgarian rosa damascena is classically fine fragrance from nannas rose garden.

Size: 28cm H x 15cm W